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Overview : Cosmetic & Aesthetic Gynaecology

Over the years the socio-cultural and economic developments across the world have scrapped many notions about health and beauty which were so far considered to be a taboo in the feminine world. Concept of physical beauty has extended beyond external appearance and women in urban societies in particular, have become increasingly aware about health and fitness of their private body parts.

On this backdrop the concept of cosmetic and aesthetic gynaecology is becoming increasingly popular in the urban societies, where laser treatments are performed upon women's request due to a feeling enlargement and looseness in the vagina and desire to improve sexual function. Such treatments are absolutely easy and painless. They do not involve any surgical cuts and bleeding. They are also performed to increase sexual satisfaction for herself as well as to her partner. Other reasons for such surgeries include anxiety about external appearance, perceived larger size or asymmetry of the labia minora and a dark-coloured appearance of the labia majora.

These procedures could be beneficial for beautification and enrichment of an individual’s marital life. They also help to restore beauty of woman’s body which gets disfigured post pregnancy.

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Our Treatments

Welcome to Radiance

Radiance, the Centre for Cosmetic & Aesthetic Gynaecology is the first of its kind in Pune offering treatment for vaginal tightening and vaginoplasty as well as to transform the female external genitalia appearance to look younger, more natural and healthier. Radiance, established by renowned gynaecologist Dr. Pankaj Mate, is operative at two prime locations in Pune: Wakad and Kharadi. Dr. Pankaj is Certified Gynaec Endoscopic Surgeon & Cosmetic Gynaecologist.

In our private clinic we offer a range of therapeutic options for pathologies of the lower genital tract, vulvovaginal reconstruction (hypertrophy of labia minora, lifting of the clitoris, vulvar correction, reconstruction of pelvic muscle floor and vaginal tightening with intimate aesthetic Surgery). Another important indication is Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) that can be effectively treated. All procedures are done using the CO2 Laser System.

The concept of quality of life is now more present in our society and sexual aspects are taken more into account by women. 80% of women over 35 years of age have some degree of sexual sensitive response dysfunction.

The surgical procedure is limited exclusively to those patients that present cystocele or rectocele of 2nd or 3rd degree; in all other cases we use the CO2 laser.

It is absolutely safe, sound and very quick and the patient is back to routine activities with more vigour and enthusiasm with renewed feeling of fitness.

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